This is your private and secure community for:

  • Practicing telemedicine using a variety of ways to communicate with patients
  • Connecting with peers and specialists
  • Online learning, Grand Rounds and access to clinical articles and white papers

Patient Care

  • Today’s patient lives in an increasingly connected world, and OTN provides a care experience to match. Our eConsult, eVisit and eCare programs remove traditional barriers, making it easier, quicker and more convenient to consult specialists, share insights and engage with patients, all of which leads to improved care outcomes.
  • eConsult

    Consult with specialists in over 27 areas of care. Send data easily and securely from your PC, Mac or mobile device. Receive a response in 3 to 5 days.

  • eVisit

    Arrange real-time video visits with patients and peers. And choose the method that’s best for you: Room-based, PC, Mac or mobile.

  • eCare

    Use apps and other devices to monitor patients or coach them to manage their condition at home.

    Health Care Working Smarter

    OTN brings virtual care innovation to the healthcare system so that the people of Ontario can get the care they need when and where they need it most: at home, in their community or in hospital. For more than a decade, OTN has increased access to health care and education across the province with one of the world’s most extensive telemedicine networks. Working with its many partners and leveraging its unique knowledge of health care and digital technology, OTN addresses challenges by introducing and spreading new ways of delivering care that benefit patients, care providers and the healthcare system. An independent, not-for-profit organization, OTN is funded by the Government of Ontario.


    Our mission is to develop and support telemedicine solutions that enhance access and quality of health care in Ontario, and inspire adoption by health care providers, organizations, and the public.


    OTN’s vision is that telemedicine will be a mainstream channel for health care delivery and education.