Checklist: 12 Keys to a Healthy Fertile Lifestyle

  • I have a healthy diet - fruits, vegetables, low fat, plenty of water
  • I am within my ideal weight range/body mass index
  • I live a well-balanced life that allows for rest and relaxation
  • get a good night's sleep every night
  • I never consume excessive amounts of alcohol and drink in moderation
  • I exercise regularly but not excessively
  • I don't smoke
  • I don't rely heavily on over-the-counter (un-prescribed) medications
  • I don't use street drugs (marijuana, cocaine etc.)
  • I don't use anabolic steroids
  • We have sexual intercourse frequently without lubricants
Helpful Tips:

Men may want to consider wearing loose underwear (tight underwear raises the temperature around the testicles), and avoid extremely hot baths, saunas, and soaking in hot tubs, and avoid smoking. Use of some vaginal lubricants may have an affect on sperm quality, as will the use of some prescription drugs. 


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