Explores the meaning behind the word HOPE through a beautiful poem that is public domain by an unknown author. read more

What is...

Our latest promotional video exploring the meaning of the word HOPE. read more


An exploration into "The six habits of highly effective fertility patients". These hints are useful for anyone trying to get pregnant. read more

of Infertility

A brief overview of the many causes of infertility that affect people of all walks of life. read more

Basics of Human Reproduction

An explanation of the female reproductive system that will make it easier to understand what you and your doctor can do to help you conceive naturally or with the help of a fertility specialist. read more

Your Initial Appointment

For many people, visiting a fertility specialist is the first step towards a successful pregnancy. Knowing what to expect can help you navigate the tests and procedures more easily. read more


An overview of some of the fertility drugs available to treat many of the conditions that cause infertility. read more

Inside the Lab

Enter the world of the lab and find out what happens to your eggs after they are retrieved. read more


Taking you through the procedure known as In Vitro Fertilization, which involves the stimulation and removal of eggs from a woman's ovaries. read more

Intrauterine Insemination IUI

A look into Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI - a fertility enhancing procedure in which washed or concentrated sperm is placed directly into the uterus at the time of ovulation. read more

Risk of Multiple Birth

Examining the potential risks associated with multiple births.
A single pregnancy resulting in a healthy delivery should be the goal of fertility treatment. read more

Third Party Reproduction

Third party reproduction is a method that uses another individual or couple in order to achieve pregnancy. It includes the use of donor sperm, donor eggs, or gestational surrogacy. This chapter discusses all three and the implications of each treatment. read more

Social Psychological Issues

This chapter looks at the psychological challenges of what you're about to embark on. read more