Counselling, Evaluating & Support Services

It's common for couples who are undergoing infertility treatments to experience some emotional stress due to feelings of anxiety, frustration or fatigue. Couples may alternate between all sorts of emotions - hope, dread, concern, impatience, or optimism. It's essential that you be kind to yourself, make a special effort to communicate fully with each other, and share your concerns with Dr. Roth and our staff at the FRMC whenever you feel the need.

Regardless of which partner has a diagnosed problem it's important to remember you're in this together. We hope you will find comfort in the fact that you have the support of a committed team dedicated to helping you realize your dreams.

The HOPE FRMC offers counselling and infertility workshops designed to give you the information you need about the treatment process and help you understand the options available to you. We provide written educational materials during your first visit, and may later offer referrals to experienced psychotherapists who can help you manage the emotions involved in infertility and its treatment, if this would be helpful.

"The day finally came for the blood test. When I heard I was pregnant - I cried. We are now well into our fourth month and although the first few weeks were touch and go, I feel blessed everyday. Not only has Dr. Roth and his staff given my husband and I our miracle baby, they have renewed our faith."